Burrup / Murujuga Tour

2018 Tour dates to be announced in early 2018
Tour usually takes place in July-August. E-mail info@fara.com.au for more details


Each year, FARA organises a week of discovery of what is perhaps the oldest and largest rock art landscape in the world.

FARA has been offering its annual Burrup Murujuga Rock Art Tour for nine years, giving people from all over Australia and beyond a chance to experience the unique heritage offered by this extraordinary country. See below some images of recent tours.

Each year a diverse group of 40-50 people spend a week exploring the treasures of the Burrup Peninsula / Murujuga under the expert guidance of FARA’s wonderful supporters – Robin Chapple, Gary Slee and Ken Mulvaney. In recent years Rangers from the Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC) have offered FARA Tourers a Welcome to Country and joined us for short periods. More recently, they have started providing Cultural Inductions to visitors, to make them aware of how to appropriately behave on Country.

Every participant has ample opportunity to experience and learn about the range of styles that tell the story of continuous human occupation of the area over possibly the past 30,000 years.

Scaling the hillsides with care, the group witness the changing face of the rock, depending on the angle of the sun, the presence of shade or the viewing position. Participants experience the joy of discovery that keeps Ken, Robin and Gary going back to unlock the mysteries of past ages. Their knowledge and ability to communicate mean we can all begin to understand some of what resides in this unique precinct.

The prolific nature of the art makes it clear to all visitors that any development on Murujuga (Burrup Peninsula) cannot avoid disturbing valuable rock images. The looming presence of industrial development adjacent to areas of concentrated archaic faces, macropods, water life and ancient geometric patterns is a salutary experience for participants.


Seeing sites that are under development as an ammonium nitrate plant or where applications for mining are in place reinforce the lunacy of pairing industry with this wild landscape. Regular lunches at Hearson’s Cove take participants down a road that will become the entry-way to industry that will add air emissions that threaten the future existence of the rock art.

A ‘day off’ is enjoyed travelling to Roebourne to learn the sad history of the white settlement of the area in general and of the old gaol in particular. Tourers get to wander down the street to visit two vibrant Aboriginal Art Centres. Get ready for a frenzy of buying of the exuberant artworks, available direct from the artists. Lunch and a leisurely afternoon follow at historic Cossack where we enjoy the Cossack Art Award – a highlight of WA’s regional arts calendar (provided dates of tour match).

Evenings are a relaxed affair back at camp where you can share the excitement of the day, uncover the two degrees of separation that is WA, make new friends and demolish the great food prepared for us by the friendly team at Cross Country Tours.

More recently we have introduced after dinner presentations by local experts, where some aspects of Murujuga are discussed in greater detail (for example, local flora).

The daily chatter, feedback from our travellers and written evaluation forms all confirm that FARA’s Burrup Murujuga Tour is a very special experience for everyone on board.

For further information about the tour, please e-mail tour@fara.com.au