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Companies should be commended for replacing fossil fuel energy with renewable energy sources such as solar. However, we are very concerned that the proposal by Yara Pilbara Fertilisers to establish a commercial demonstration pilot plant on Murujuga, using solar-generated electricity to produce hydrogen for ammonia production, will have an unnecessary and substantial impact on the unique petroglyphs of Murujuga.

The renewable ‘green’ component of Yara’s pilot project is extremely small (0.4%) and there is essentially no timeline for scaling up to produce the large amount of renewable hydrogen that would be required annually for the Yara Fertiliser plant. As it now stands, this appears to be ‘greenwashing’ for a project that will primarily depend on burning natural gas for years into the future. Gas is a major source of high levels of carbon dioxide and methane, as well as sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxides that are particularly damaging to the unique Murujuga petroglyphs.

The proposal also has the support of the Western Australian Government, which allocated $2 million in January 2021 to the project, and the project was granted $995,000 from the Federal Government’s taxpayer-funded Australian Renewable Energy Agency this year.

Dr John Black and Dr Marie Ferland  have kindly prepared some dot points to help you: Yara Hydrogen proposal_bullets for EPA submissions_3 May 2021

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