Send your submission to EPA by Friday 14 August

Just when we thought we were ahead with our challenge to Yara’s Fertiliser & Tan plant licences, this awful addition rears its head – and the deadline is 5pm on Friday 14 August 2020.

Although hydrogen plants are commendable in themselves as an alternate form of energy, it would be disastrous on the Burrup for 2 reasons – it would extend the life of the Fertiliser & Tan plants indefinitely, and an unsightly sea of solar panels in the midst of the ancient rock art goes completely against the WA and Federal governments’ recognition of its supreme cultural significance, even recommending it for World Heritage listing!

Dr John Black has kindly preparedsome dot points to help you:  Grounds for EPA undertaking a PER for Yara Hydrogen Project.

The first part is by way of background information but, as you are only allowed 500 words, these are mostly contained in the 2 Grounds and the conclusion/solution.

As far as possible, please use these points as a guideline and try and write in your own words.

When you’ve done that, go to the EPA website.

  1. scroll down
  2. click on Ammonia Plant, Murujuga
  3. click box with Complete this form to comment on the referred proposal
  4. fill in 1, 2 & 4 (leave 3 Organisation blank, more weight given to private citizens)
  5. in 5, click last box requesting Public Environmental Review
  6. post your 500 word in box 6
  7. click last box agreeing to submit your comments to the EPA
  8. click Continue and you will be thanked for your submission…

It’s all pretty straightforward but we need at least 30 submissions before the EPA will consider doing a PER – so please us know when you’ve done yours, every single one helps towards preserving the precious petroglyphs of Murujuga!

And if you have networks of your own, please forward this urgent plea to them as well.

Your help is again so appreciated,