FARA Scorecard Results

Ten days ago Friends of Australian Rock Art sent out questionnaires to the main parties’ Environment representatives to ascertain their level of knowledge of the issues surrounding the rock art of the Burrup peninsula / Murujuga, and their commitment to protecting the universal cultural values of this outstanding heritage precinct.

The scores to date are:

Greens 20/20

  • totally across all the issues: cultural, industrial and political;
  • have actively questioned in Parliament about the effects of industrial emissions on the rock art;
  • called for an emergency examination by the Australian Heritage Council in 2011 of the outstanding heritage values of the rock art precinct;
  • continue to lobby for World Heritage listing for the Burrup/Dampier Archipelago/Murujuga.

Liberals 14/20

  • quote the same old platitudes about the rock art being perfectly well protected by National Heritage listing;
  • believe that the air monitoring systems in place are competent to measure the toxic industrial emissions;
  • seem to have no desire to pressure the WA government into putting the Dampier Archipelago on the Tentative list for World Heritage listing

Labor 0/20 – no return of questionnaire

Nationals 0/20 – no return of questionnaire

If you care, as we do, about ensuring that the precious rock art of the Dampier Archipelago is properly protected and given the World Heritage listing it deserves, now you know what our politicians think of Heritage protection and you can cast your vote with that in mind.