FARA released a press release today responding to the state government’s Burrup Rock Art Strategy.

Friends of Australian Rock Art (FARA) welcomes the Western Australian Government’s long awaited announcement of a strategy to address the protection of Murujuga’s ancient rock engravings from industrial pollution.

However, whilst the principles of the strategy are excellent, FARA’s anxiety still lies in the paucity of the detail and the drawn out nature of the research.

With no clear indication of how they will raise the necessary funding, the Department of Environment & Water states that research tenders will not be issued till mid-2019, meaning that it will take several years before meaningful results are obtained, thus allowing the ongoing impact of emissions on the rock art.

It will also allow time for further toxic industries to be approved and established on the already crowded Burrup peninsula, in spite of strong recommendations from the Federal Senate Inquiry that further industrial development be curtailed on the peninsula.

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