Friends of Australian Rock Art is proud to announce the launch of the “Save Australia’s Heritage from Industrial Pollution” crowd-funding campaign.

Australia’s largest and oldest rock art site, Murujuga (Burrup Peninsula, Western Australia), is threatened by serious industrial pollution. This crowd-funding campaign will fund the University of Western Australia to understand the nature of the problem, the magnitude of the risk and to develop solutions. The project is approved and supported by the Traditional Owners.


Toxic cloud released May 2017 by YARA.

Our solution: research

With the approval of the Traditional Aboriginal Owners, we have assembled a team of international experts. The team will be led by one of Australia’s top universities, the University of Western Australia. They will work in partnership with Traditional Owners, Indigenous Rangers, The Friends of Australian Rock Art (FARA), the Western Australian Museum, the National Trust (WA) and the Conservation Council (WA) to:

  • Measure gaseous and particle emissions in order to evaluate the changes to the rock surfaces and the local environment
  • Measure and monitor changes in colour and mineral composition of rock surfaces at representative sites
  • Measure and monitor changes in air and water acid levels, and their effect on local plant species and the environment
  • Use theory and data to model and predict the effects of different levels of acidic emissions on the rocks and rock art, and develop ways to reduce or eliminate the effects
  • Use new knowledge to persuade governments and industry to reduce emissions to safe levels

Crowd-funding for research

The crowd-funding campaign will run from 27th October until 3rd December. We aim to raise $100,000 in a month. Success in crowd-funding comes from getting many people to give as much as they can afford. To do this we need a big reach. The cause is important, urgent and deserving. If we can engage enough people we will reach our campaign target. But we can’t do this without your help.

You can support us directly through our campaign site: but, even more importantly, you can help spread the word.

Please post this call for help on your Facebook page, on Twitter and through your personal and professional networks. Talk about the campaign with your family and friends and ask them to spread the word further. If we each spread the word to 20 people we will achieve the big reach needed to achieve our aim. Please take up the cause and stand with us. STAND UP FOR THE BURRUP!


UWA staff stand up for the Burrup and show support for Murujuga’s rock art and crowd-funding campaign.


We thank you in advance for your support,

Friends of Australian Rock Art