Once again it is that time of the year when we meet with our membership base. At FARA we look forward to our Annual General Meeting (AGM) as it is an important time to reflect and to share achievements and sorrows of the last twelve months (not least, the Federal Senate inquiry into rock art).

Moreover, it is a precious opportunity to reconnect with our membership base in person. By welcoming our supporter base, we hope to mingle with all of you and that you will all have a chance to catch up with fellow tourers of past seasons and share common memories forged on the rugged landscape of Murujuga.

As we all know the Pilbara is home to a truly unique treasure throve of heritage and rock art. We have been working hard in the past decade to promote its protection at Murujuga/Burrup Peninsula. As you can gather by reading our website or following us on Facebook, we are facing enormous challenges right now.

Industry and heritage sharing the same space at Murujuga

We need your support

We need to know that you are willing to put pressure on the system to get politicians, industry and the general public to become aware of what is happening on the Burrup. Things can change if we all contribute to the cause.

At FARA we believe that #HeritageMatters! not only for us, but also for future generations. We would like to see our grandchildren learn about the incredible heritage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have created. We would also like them to experience it first hand, not only on paper.

What to do

Join us for our annual AGM to be held on Saturday 25 March 2017, 1.30 pm at 41 Havelock St, West Perth, WA.

We look forward to seeing old friends and supporters, and to welcome new ones. Hear what we have been up to and what will happen in 2017, and how your support will be crucial to our shared success.

Further details are on our Notice of AGM.