The Environmental Defender’s Office WA has provided significant assistance to FARA and protecting the rock art of the Burrup.

So we’re really happy to have the opportunity to now support them fight climate change,which impacts on every aspect of our lives, including WA’s unique rock art.
Please donate if you can.

Climate change is here now! The Environmental Defender’s Office WA (EDO) urgently needs your help to end climate change-related pollution in Western Australia.

As you read this, the WA fossil fuel industry is being permitted by relaxed Commonwealth laws to pump more than 64 million tonnes of greenhouse gases into the air each year.

There is no coherent National or State policy on climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions in WA are unchecked and largely unregulated, with the Australian Government recently announcing that it will further loosen restrictions on the allowable amount of greenhouse gas emissions that big polluters are releasing into the air each year.

The community deserves to be heard! The EDO is in a unique position to help make this happen by using the legal system to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions from the State’s biggest polluters are properly regulated, and to shift the State towards a low-carbon, renewable energy future.

The EDO has over 20 years of experience successfully advocating for environmental justice and is the only environmental community legal centre in WA. We provide the legal expertise that is needed to bring justice to our climate, working alongside individuals and community groups that have rallied and fought for years to stop polluters from harming WA’s unique and fragile environment.

That is why we are asking for your help, today. Donations are crucial for EDO’s survival and we need to raise at least $25,000 in the next four weeks to enable us to undertake critical legal work to ensure that the State’s largest polluters are brought to account.

Your tax-deductible donations will assist EDO to:

  • Advocate for the government to strengthen the assessment andregulation of greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that environmental laws are used as they should be – to reduce rather than promote greenhouse gas pollution now and for future generations.
  • Act for community groups and Traditional Custodians to object to projects that would increase WA’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Challenge government decisions which fly in the face of existing environmental laws.
  • Review current legal and policy frameworks applying to greenhouse gas emissions in WA and explore ways to provide incentives for better climate outcomes.
  • Continue to represent a Traditional Custodian and native title holder in the Kimberley to protect Country from a proposed coal mine on the pristine Fitzroy River, which risks opening the region up for coal mining.