ABC Pilbara / By James Liveris
Posted 29 November 2021

Highest concentration of rock art in the world could be ‘gone in 100 years’

Scientists around the world say the findings of a new report claiming industrial pollution has no effect on ancient rock art are patently wrong and could have disastrous ramifications.

Rock conservationists Ian MacLeod and Warren Fish recently published a paper, commissioned by fertilizer manufacturer Yara Pilbara, that suggests there is no adverse impact on the engraved rock art of Murujuga from industrial pollution.

However, many other scientists believe their findings are flawed.

Key points:

  • Murujuga, in WA’s Pilbara region, contains more than 1 million petroglyphs, or rock art engravings
  • The rock art is thought to depict some of the earliest known images of the human face
  • Industrial pollution poses a threat to the longevity of the rock art, a team of world scientists says

Note: This article include images that some may feel should not be publicly shown.