Archaeologists have discovered engravings and paintings dating back some 12,500-14,500 years. The images, which were found on ledges 300m underground in the #Atxurra cave in the northern Basque region, feature horses, buffalo, goats and deer.

Diego Garate, the chief site archaeologist, explained an estimated 70 drawings have been recorded so far. At this stage of the exploration he reckons this will put the cave among the top ten sites in Europe for rock art.

The site, however, might not be accessible to the public given difficulty of access and dangerous conditions.

And to think we have readily accessible, circa 30,000 year old petroglyphs scattered under the Pilbara sun at #Murujuga!

Friends of Australian Rock Art wish well to all the teams involved in the research at Atxurra and will follow future developments. #HeritageMatters, irrespective of its location!