Hot off the press yesterday: irrefutable scientific evidence that Murujuga rock art IS being destroyed by Burrup industrial emissions from Woodside, Yara et al.:

The paper Impact of industrial pollution on the rock art of Murujuga, Western Australia was published yesterday (18 October 2021)

Authors: Benjamin Smith, John Black, Stéphane Hœrlé, Marie Ferland, Simon Diffey, Jolam Neumann and Thorsten Geisler

‘[Yara Pilbara consultants] MacLeod and Fish have recently suggested that there is no adverse impact on the engraved rock art of Murujuga (the Burrup Peninsula) from industrial pollution. This highly controversial conclusion demands examination because it could influence future government decision-making concerning ongoing applications to expand industrial activity on Murujuga. We, therefore, review the data and arguments underpinning that conclusion. We find the conclusion unsubstantiated, misleading and potentially damaging for the long-term preservation of the Murujuga rock art. Evidence suggests that the petroglyphs are already actively degraded by industrial pollution.

Thank you once again to all the authors, including Dr John Black, and their tireless work to save the Murujuga rock art.