Send your submission on the NWS Shelf/Browse expansion by 12 February 2020.

FARA January 2020 Newsletter (PDF version)

Dear Murujuga/Burrup/FARA supporters,
The final battle lines have now been drawn between that Goliath of an industrial giant, Woodside, and the rest of us brave little Davids who will fight to the end to defend the unique, ancient and irreplaceable petroglyphs of Murujuga / the Burrup peninsula against their increasing destructive air emissions.

We need the help of every FARA member and their friends to take action and make a submission to the WA government to ensure that the proposed expansion of the Woodside gas facilities does not destroy the unique rock art on Murujuga.

The WA government seems hellbent on supporting Woodside’s new LNG expansionist plans – after all, they already receive annually around $1 billion dollars in royalties from them.

But in doing so they risk flouting and disrespecting the basic Principles of environmental protection which they claim to uphold:

  • the Precautionary Principle whereby all development should be halted if there is evidence that this vulnerable heritage site will be damaged – and they have certainly had ample proof of that in Dr John Black’s published papers and documents made available to them over the past 10 years
  • the Principle of Intergenerational Equity which ensures that this irreplaceable heritage is protected for the benefit of all generations to come. How sincere is the WA government’s support of World Heritage listing for Murujuga when they are still encouraging more industry on the Burrup, claiming that heritage and industry can co-exist, when they do not insist on zero nitrogen and acid forming emissions?
  • the Polluter Pays Principle which is self-explanatory. All it would take Woodside, according to a Macquarie think tank, is 1.5% of one year’s annual profits to install the appropriate available technology to reduce their emissions to near zero.

How to take action:

  1. The Conservation Council of WA, acutely concerned about the effects of Woodside’s carbon pollution on climate change, has prepared a petition which you can easily add your name to – see https://ccwa.good.do/reject-LNG/submission/
  2. However, we would be particularly appreciative if you could also make a direct submission https://consultation.epa.wa.gov.au before February 12th to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) addressing our concerns about the further damage of acidic emissions on the already compromised rock art.

FARA’s Co-convenor Marie Ferland has again worked to make this easy for you by drawing up a list of bullet points which you can refer to in your submission – see the link to our website here.
Please try and paraphrase these in your own words as it carries more weight than just copying them. You can also quote the Principles I listed above.
And like before, please forward me your submissions for our own records.

It is the number of submissions the government receives that counts.

Woodside’s sponsorship of the Fringe Festival

Finally, for our trusty foot soldiers on the ground in Perth, we will be joining with other groups on Friday 24 January to expose Woodside’s sponsorship of the Fringe Festival – their attempt to look like the ‘good guys’ of the cultural world to draw attention away from the destruction they are wreaking with their unfettered polluting industry.

  • This event will feature:
    • A live performance by a mystery (but well known and fabulous!) Perth Aboriginal singer
    • Screening of a powerful documentary on the Burrup rock art
    • Readings and discussion of the UN’s IPCC report
    • a Stand Up for the Burrup action (we hope) Please join us for an intriguing evening.
  • Where?
    Outside Woodside’s Pleasure Gardens, Russell Square, James Street, Northbridge (diagonally opposite Rosie O’Grady’s pub)
  • When?
    Friday 24 January 6.30- 8.30 pm
  • Please share the this Facebook Event page if you can: https://www.outinperth.com/climate-change-protesters-take-to-stage-at-official-fringe-world-launch/

In FARA’s ongoing 14-year battle with the giant Woodside (and Yara Pilbara) we actually feel we are beginning to have some impact on their attitude towards the rock art. So please help us take this to the next level by making so many submissions to the EPA that they are obliged to insist that Woodside cuts its emissions to near zero – a perfectly achievable goal!

It’s the unwavering support of people like you that will help us take effective aim with our trusty and invincible catapult! Please encourage your friends and family to also submit, and feel free to contact me with any queries.


2020 Burrup / Murujuga rock art tour: 1-9 August – bookings open!

The itinerary, information package and price list are all on our website
Please spread the word as these tours are our best awareness tool!

Yours truly,
Judith Hugo & Marie Ferland, Co-convenors, Friends of Australian Rock Art (FARA)
[email protected] 0439 090 321