We were thrilled to be contacted by Mike Taverner, who after reading some articles about the rock art of the Burrup on the Canberra Times, decided to write a letter to the newspaper. Below is what he wrote.

Last week we heard again of the flawed processes used in approving industrial development on WA’s Burrup Peninsula (Acid levels ‘will destroy’ ancient art CT Feb 19) and the consequent real threat of damage to the largest concentration of ancient rock engravings in the world.  Here in Australia we have the only place on earth where for over 40,000 years people have been engraving their stories as enduring rock art.  Yet despite credible new evidence questioning the damage to this art from industrial development on the Burrup, we read yesterday (CT Feb 23 ‘Woodside eyes Burrup Hub expansion’) of Woodside Petroleum looking to increase its activity on the Burrup.  While the more immediate threat to the rock art is emissions from ammonium nitrate plants on the peninsula, it is surely time that all new development on the Burrup Peninsula be reviewed in the light of the new information on risks to this site of such immense archeological value.  Hopefully we can expect a report from last week’s Senate environmental committee that will lead to greater recognition and protection of this amazing site.

Make your voice be heard

Here at FARA we feel we can not emphasise enough how important it is that all who care about an issue take the time and write, to have their voices heard. You can address your newspaper of choice, or your politicians. If you can, write using pen and paper, as this will get more noticed than an E-mail.

Make sure you write to make your voice heard

It’s thanks to people like Mike that the general public, politicians and stakeholders realise what is important to us.
So if the state of Murujuga’s rock art has created some concerns and you want to make sure that future decisions on the Burrup Peninsula take into account its precious heritage, write a letter!