The EPA is seeking input into a major expansion of the North West Shelf Project/Browse.

Not only will this impact on the Murujuga Rock Art, but have catastrophic impact on the levels of emissions adding to climate change.

Please help the Murujuga Rock Art, and the planet by making your submissions to EPA by 12 February 2020.

We have prepared a fact sheet to help you.

Please paraphrase/add some of your own words if possible – individual submissions carry more weight! Points are based on resources shown at the end of this document.
You can write one submission and submit it for each of three proposals; add a statement saying they are totally integrated as the Burrup Hub and their combined emissions will affect the Burrup rock art.
Background information:
There are three proposals linked to the North West Shelf (NWS) / Burrup Hub:

  1. to extend the NWS plant’s original approvals for onshore processing at Karratha’s NWS gas plant, and to allow it to operate until 2070
  2. to tap up to 24 gas wells in the offshore Browse gas field in WA state waters, and a floating facility (under EPA jurisdiction)
  3. to tap up to 30 wells of the Browse field in Commonwealth waters, using a second floating facility, an 85-kilometre pipeline between, and a 900-kilometre pipeline connecting to the onshore NWS gas plant at Karratha (the federal government will assess the full impact of both offshore components)


Problems with the 3-part nature of the project as defined:

  • No one authority will assess the entire impact in terms of all offshore pollution from venting, pollution from transporting gas hundreds of kilometres via pipelines, onshore pollution from processing, and emissions from burning gas overseas
  • Consultation launched when WA’s climate policy is not yet completed, and EPA has just released draft guidelines for assessing major polluting projects. These
    will require proponents to submit plans showing how they will “reasonably and practicably avoid, reduce and offset emissions to contribute to the state’s aspiration of net-zero emissions by 2050.” So, none of this is included in the proposals.

Please send your response to EPA by 12 February 2020 using this fact sheet to help you Browse – NWS expansion submissions