Perdaman Urea Project

We call you on, yet again, to make a submission against Perdaman’s proposed Urea Plant (on the Burrup).

This is due by Monday 22 June 2020.

View the project documents and click on ‘#3 Assessment’ and then ‘Environmental Review’, then make your submission.

You may like to read about Perdaman’s Vikas Rambal, and ‘Why is the Covid commission backing a fertiliser plant as its top recovery project?


We have prepared some notes to help you.

Reasons for objection include:

  • the proposed urea plant will significantly add to acidic emissions on Murujuga, leading to further dissolving of the rock surface patina (by compounds including nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, urea dust, and sulphur dioxide)
  • the urea plant could easily be relocated to the environmentally ‘safer’ Maitland Estate
  • the WA government supported World Heritage listing for the irreplaceable Murujuga petroglyphs – to demonstrate their sincerity and to preserve this cultural heritage, they must reject this proposal for yet another pollution-emitting industry on the Burrup Peninsula
  • unless emissions are reduced to zero, the proposed Perdaman plant should not be approved due to the Precautionary Principle and Principle of Intergenerational Equity (under the WA Environmental Protection Act 1986).