Have you heard the latest Woodside greenwashing?

Piers Verstegen, Policy and Legal Director of the Conservation Council of Western Australia writes:

You may have heard about Woodside’s proposed H2Perth Hydrogen facility announced yesterday.
As you know, Woodside is no stranger to greenwash, having previously used its net zero by 2050 targets to justify proceeding with one of Australia’s most polluting fossil fuel projects.With the H2Perth project, Woodside has managed to outdo itself yet again in the greenwash stakes and the McGowan Government appears to have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

In summary:

  • The project has already been strongly criticised by experts and environment groups.
  • The ‘renewable energy’ claim is highly doubtful and potentially misleading and the ‘blue hydrogen’ claim is also misleading.
  • The project does not comply with the zero emissions hydrogen certification scheme that the WA Government has signed up to and is not consistent with the WA governments’ s Renewably Hydrogen Strategy.
  • The project is likely to deliver a net increase in WA carbon emissions, not reduce emissions or contribute to net zero targets as claimed.
  • The project could actually be a cynical exercise to facilitate the Scarbourogh and Pluto LNG project, one of the most polluting fossil fuel developments in Australia.

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