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Letter writing campaign:

To stop the WA State government actively promoting more industry on the Burrup, rather than moving it to Maitland Estate, we need to write to the following politicians immediately…

Write letters and make phone calls telling the WA Premier, his Ministers and your local MP what you think.

  • Politicians take letters seriously – the effort you made in writing and posting a letter means far more than a petition or chain email.
    (If it’s a while since you bought a stamp, it’s only $1 for a stamp, or 60¢ for pensioners.)
  • You can send the same letter to several politicians – each letter is regarded as the voice of thousands, so a bit of effort can achieve more than you can imagine.
  • If you don’t want to write, phone instead. Your phone call will be noted, and your concerns passed on and taken as a powerful message.

Writing/talking points

Please write whatever’s important to you. However, to help, here are some ideas.

  1. What the rock art means to you
    • include a photo that’s significant to you
    • tell your story
    • how this makes you feel.
  1. The cultural heritage and rock art of the Burrup/Murujuga is irreplaceable and globally significant. It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure it is not destroyed
  2. Compelling scientific evidence, presented at the recent Senate Inquiry into Burrup rock art, shows that the current (incredibly high!) rate of industrial emissions is already destroying the Burrup’s globally significant rock art.
  3. I/We are not opposed to industry. However, an alternative site, supported by the then WA Labor Government in 2002, already exists nearby at the Maitland Industrial Estate.
  4. The Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (representing Burrup Aboriginal traditional owners) supports World Heritage Listing including the potential employment it will bring.
  5. According to former WA Labor Premier Dr Carmen Lawrence, locating further industry on the Burrup could be the nail in the coffin for Burrup World Heritage Listing.

There is lots more information on this website under News and Campaigns

Who to contact

Mark McGowan, Premier and Minister for State Development
PO Box 5324, Rockingham Beach 6969
Ph: (08) 9592 7422

Ben Wyatt, Treasurer, Minister for Finance, Energy and Aboriginal Affairs
PO Box 4373, Victoria Park 6979
Ph: 9361 1777

Allanah McTiernan, Minister for Regional Development; Minister assisting the Minister for State Development, Jobs and Trade
Unit 1, 632 Newcastle Street, Leederville, WA 6007
Ph: (08) 9228 0503

Josie Farrer, MLC for Kimberley and Aboriginal elder
PO Box 1807, Broome, WA 6725
Ph: 9192 3111

Your local MP (find their details)

Social Media

And don’t forget to keep spreading the word through Social Media, especially FaceBook

Add your comments to their posts, and  remember to tag all messages with:

  • #Murujuga
  • #locateindustryresponsibly